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Special Success Stories


Male ~ 8 Months ~ 15 lbs
Schnauzer / Rat Terrier
Hit by a car, has broken pelvis bones and front leg had to be removed

Joey is the sweetest little boy you could ever imagine. Joey was running loose on 
12/21/12 and was hit by a car. I picked him up and rushed him to the vets office only to 
find he has a broken pelvis on both sides. Joey had to stay in the hospital for a few days, but is not at my house while he heals. He must be crated and still for 30 days, but it is believed he will make a full recovery. 

Once recovered, Joey will be up for adoption. He is 8 months old, and weighs 15 lbs.
He is the most adorable little love bug you could ever ask for. He loves to be held and loves to snuggle. 

Update: Joey's pelvis seems to be improving and after only a week and a half, he is trying to stand. It was obvious that he was having a problem with his right front leg. After another visit to his regular vet, it is believed that he has nerve damage to that leg and may need to have it amputated. Joey was taken back to the vet and had his front leg put in a splint in the hope that he will regain use of it. We are giving him 30 days to see how it does. I am committed to Joey and to whatever needs to be done to give this baby boy a chance at a normal life. 

1/22/13 Update:
Joey went to the vet today to have his right front leg amputated. His back legs are doing very good, but his right front leg never recovered from the nerve damage. He is doing well in every other way, and is a very happy very loving little boy. He is just such a joy. Further updates to come. 

Joey had his leg removed yesterday. He had a very hard night, but today he is up running around! 
I can not believe how well he is doing. He is just the best little boy ever. Joey is doing well and once healed, he will need a fabulous home to give him all the love back, that he has to give to you. I am so happy to see how wonderful he is doing. He is an amazing little boy!!

Joey went to the vet today to have his bandages removed. His leg is healing very well! 
 I asked the vet "when will he be able to play with the other dogs" and was told "let him play." I said "oh my, are you sure, I dont want him to hurt himself or tear out his stitches!" Dr. Schupp said "you let him play." Soooo we are letting him play...AND HE IS HAVING A BALL!!! While Joey was healing, he would lay in his pen and a little foster Beagle (Bailey) would come lay on the other side of the fence. She would even lick his face through the fence. Joey is so happy to be running around and playing with her. He looses his footing now and then on the hard wood floors, but he gets right back up and is off running again. He really is an amazing little boy. Stitches come out in 2 weeks...updates to come.

Joey went to the vet yesterday, the vet removed his stitches and gave him a stamp of approval to go up for adoption. 

So, Joey is now up for adoption and if you would like to add him to your home please email puppyrescue911@yahoo.com for an application. I have promised Joey he will have a fabulous forever home, one full of love for such a special boy. Only big hearts need apply. Believe me...you will not be disappointed. Joey needs his new forever home so that I will have room to bring the next one in that has the need. 

Joey has been adopted!! He is going to a wonderful home! His new Daddy is a vet so he will be able to give Joey the best medical care, and he already loves Joey as much as I do! It is so hard to let this baby go, I have grown so close to him, but I feel my job is complete. I was not meant to keep him, I was only supposed to give him a great start in life and then to make sure that love and care would continue on in his new home...job complete. I love you Joey, I will always love you. I am so happy for you and your new family. You will forever be my little buddy.
Joey with his new family!!

Joey's family sent me video of his new wonderful life!
They are AMAZING!! The first one is my favorite!! I am so happy for Joey, I miss my boy, but LOVE to see how wonderful he is doing and how happy and loved he is with his new family!! What a wonderful life!! 


 When I first heard about Maggie, I was told she was an old dog, possibly blind and deaf that had been living under the back porch of an empty house next to Reids Harvest House. I was told she had been there for about 6 months!! People had been feeding her, but that she was definitely wild because as soon as she saw anyone she would run into the woods. No one could come near her, and now they thought she had been hit by a car because she was limping on one leg! I spent the next week looking for her every day, but every time I went to the house she was never there. I was terrified that she was no longer alive. The day I decided to give up looking, I received a call about her from a different lady saying she had just seen her and she asked me to please help catch this little one. 

I was elated that she was still alive and said I would set out a humane trap and try to catch the dog if she would help me watch the trap to make sure no other animals got caught in it. I didnt want anyone trapped for any length of time as it was very very cold out and an ice storm was on the way, the lady agreed. I set the trap and prayed for the best. That night I went numerous times to check the trap, but it was empty. At 2 AM I received a call from the police dept saying the dog was in the trap!! As soon as I could I went and got her. I could see she had a horrible wound under her arm, and you could smell the decay. The smell was unbearable. I took her straight to the vet and said "please, fix her". 

I later received a call from Dr. Schupp saying, he had fixed her. I was told that the "OLD" dog was only a year old!! She was not blind or deaf, nor had she been hit by a car, but the horrible wound under her arm was caused from a collar she had on at one time. Somehow she had gotten her leg slipped under the collar, and the collar had grown into her underarm. The vet had to go deep to dig the collar out, and she needed many stitches, but he thought she would recover well. I was told that they had shaved all of the mats off of her, and that she was ready to be picked up. I could not believe the dog I was brought was the same one I had dropped off...she was ADORABLE!!! 

The vet told me he could not believe this dog ran from everyone because she was jumping up and loving on everyone at the office. I told him I thought it was because she was finally out of pain! The best part of the story is the wonderful lady that asked me to help...decided to adopt Maggie. Maggie will now spend the rest of her life indoors, being very loved and finally out of pain. The day after picking her up, we had about 3 inches of sleet and snow...I really dont think she would have lived through it. I am so thankful to have gotten this beautiful little girl off the street and into safety. While I am very thankful I was alerted about her, I just wish I had been called when she was first seen, and maybe she would not have had to suffer the way she did for so long. If you look at this last picture you can see how deep the vet had to go to remove the collar. It is a miriacle that she lived....it is a miriacle that she was not killed by coyotes...it is a miriacle that she was picked up the day she was before the storm...I am so happy she made it...I am pretty sure she qualifies for being one of the luckiest dogs ever!! 




Pria, along with 5 of her other small dog family members, found themselves out on the streets. They started off as a small scared little pack, staying close together for there is safety in numbers.
 Staying together in an unfamiliar world of unknown horrors such as cars, people, and large dogs, is a nearly impossible task, and soon the little group was split up. I was able to get one little boy and take him to the safety of the kennels. I tried everything to get the other 5 but they were so scared, lost and alone that they would not stop running long enough for me to get near them. As evening approached I knew I could not do anything for them in the dark, and I would have to leave them and try to find them the next day.
The following day, I was told someone had two of the little angels and wanted to turn them over to me. Pria was one.  I learned that one other had been given away to a new home.  This left two unaccounted for. I searched for these two little ones, but I was unable to find them. I held the two that had been given to me, their little hearts beating so fast, and eyes wild with fear. I assured them that a whole new world was about to begin for them. I promised them that they would get a wonderful forever home, and that I would make sure they would never be hurt again.
The three were at the kennels for a week, before I found rescue groups to take them. I know the groups I work with are amazing, and that all my kids will be WELL taken care of when leaving my hands, but at times it is a little hard when you have one that has just stolen your heart, to hand them over, and not know their final outcome. 
I thought of Pria a number of times, and wondered what her forever home would be like. Then I received an email from her foster home, along with pictures. The email told me of how Pria came to her home to be fostered, and was so scared she would not come out from under the bed for 2 days.  She told of how her little girl crawled up on the bed and I believe because Pria could sense her innocence, felt safe with her, and jumped up on the bed to snuggle. The beautiful little girl with the soft gentle hands gave Pria the confidence to trust once again.
I have since learned that Pria has been adopted into her forever home, and that my promises to her was correct, she has a wonderful new home, and she will never be hurt again.  THIS is what makes it all worth it. I am so happy for Pria and the other two that were in my care; for I know all three have found safety and love…I still worry for the two unaccounted ones… I know IF they are still out there it can be a cold scary world when you only weigh 10 lbs. I hope they are safe. I hope they have beautiful little angels watching over them.
Pria with her Angel 


Rudy Roo

Nearly thrown away...a diamond in the rough
 Rudy Roo is a 2 year old Male Red Nose Pit Bull taken off the streets as a stray.  When no one came to claim him I began seeking a rescue shelter that would take him.

Every day I would say to him "Honey, I promise it will get so much better; I promise you will get a forever home." After endless times of hearing "sorry we are full" and with our kennels beginning to fill up I knew his time was running out.

I sent out an urgent plea to all the rescue groups I work with. Finally a group in Tennessee said they would take him, if I would meet them in Paducah Kentucky. When my husband got off work, we drove to the kennels, packed Rudy up in our Durango and we were off. I met the rescue group, gave my Rudy Roo a big hug, and told him "Buddy, your world has just begun, I promised you a forever home, and now you are one of the lucky ones." I gave him another kiss, and a pat on the head and we left.

Two weeks later, I received an email saying Rudy Roo had been adopted! The lady that adopted him wanted to know if it would be okay if she email me. I have had updates on Rudy Roo, along with pictures for a while now, and today (12/14/10) I received the email below.

Hi Elanna! Hope all is well. Just thought I would let you know what Mr. Rudy Roo has been up to these days. He is doing very well. He is in his final week of obedience training and will soon test to be an Internationally recognized therapy dog. He has done wonderful thus far; of course I expected nothing less of him. I have attached a photo of him and beau. Beau was giving his brother big kisses :) Talk soon!

A nearly thrown away diamond in the rough... but if they become a therapy dog, or a lap dog, a little child's best friend, or an elderly persons companion...are they not all diamonds in the rough? And how many of our precious gems are being thrown away daily.    

Please consider a rescue or shelter animal when adding a pet to your family. The richness they add to your life is immeasurable.
As tears streamed down my face, I thought...Rudy Roo, I promised you it would get so much better, I just didn't know at the time how much better you would make it for us.

Beau and Rudy

RICHELLE (which means brave little girl)


Richelle was surrendered to me weighing only 8 lbs (half of what she should weigh) and supporting a hernia the size of a grapefruit. I immediately took her to the vet, and then she went home with me.

After a week, she put on 4 lbs, half of what her total body weight was when she came to me. I had her hernia removed, and within a month, she was up to 15 lbs. Richelle is 12 years old, but runs around like a 4 year old. She is such a HOOT!

I am looking for Richelle a forever home, but being that she is 12, it has been hard. If a home is not found, she will live out the rest of her years with my family, happy, warm, tummy full, and being loved loved loved! I am so blessed to have her in my life, what a wonderful little girl.

Update: The St. Louis Senior Pet Project took in Richelle. They are a large rescue group that, like their name says...focus on getting forever homes for senior pets.

Richelle is now in one of their foster homes and will stay there until adopted. She will get more exposure and will have a much better chance of her finding a forever home if she is with them. I have talked with the foster mom and she said Richelle is a wonderful little girl and the family loves her very much. She said they would be very happy if Richelle ends up staying with them for the rest of her life. She has brought as much joy to their family as she did to mine. What a special little girl. 


Newest update...Richelle was adopted out of the Senior Pet Project!!! She went to her new forever home where she will be very loved and well taken care of for the rest of her life!
Richelle believes in miracles !!

I do too!!

From Feral to Family Friendly
July 15, 2011, 2:57PM MT
By Katy Washburne, Best Friends Network volunteer
One woman’s story to never give up

Published in Best Friends on line magazine

Elanna Bradley said that her heart jumped into her throat when she first saw the young black Lab caught in the trap. She got out of her car and walked toward the cage. He made no sound as he moved deep into a corner, urinating himself as she approached.

Elanna had set the humane trap that now confined him in an ongoing effort to rescue a pack of dirty, scrawny dogs she had been watching and rescuing for over a year.

From the first time Elanna saw the pack of dogs, feasting on a deer carcass in a field, she never gave up trying to save them.The skittish black Lab, now in her trap, proved to be the biggest challenge. She named him Hayden.

She was told feral dogs can’t be tamed and that she should put them down, but she would never consider it.“I’ll fix them,” was how she replied to the naysayers, but even with her many years experience working with rescue animals, she contacted Diane Young, regional specialist for Community Animal Assistance at Best Friends, and they began corresponding regularly about Hayden’s future and well being.

“It’s important to really know, inside yourself, in your heart, that there is always hope for any dog,” Diane says. “A dog with a difficult past, fearful or shy, needs love, commitment, a quiet atmosphere, a steady, reliable routine, tolerance for his fear, which in all honesty may not ever go away entirely, and, patience.”

Elanna was undaunted by the challenges. She has rescued and placed over 265 dogs. Each dog has a special place in her heart and a photograph on her wall.

In the early stages of Hayden’s rehabilitation, she was able to do little more than enter his run, flip a bucket over and sit quietly for 30 minutes. Hayden would move to the farthest corner, face the wall and ignore her. After a month, he still wouldn't let her near him, but she wanted to do more, hoping one day to find him a home.

At one point during his training, he curled his lip and growled at her. Diane says, “A dog with an unknown past, and who is clearly frightened, can and may bite out of that fear. That kind of fear biting does not always lend itself to the rational thought that would stop him from biting a friend.”

This behavior did not deter Elanna. Her first attempt at touching him began with a broom. She had used the same technique before, and it had been successful. She stood in his kennel and began touching him with it, but he urinated himself.

“I felt horrible for him, but knew that I could not stop.” He bit the broom and ran to the other side of the run. As he ran, she kept the appendage resting on him. She then sat in the kennel blocking the run with her back, forcing Hayden to run past her. For over an hour, each time he ran past, she would let her hand run the full length of his body, and soon, she was able to abandon the broom.

“I didn't even have to touch him with it,” she says. “I would just look at him and say ‘come on, you know how this works’ and he would run in front of me and I would touch him.”

The following day, she sat in the run with her back to him. He crept up to her, cautiously sniffing her hair and eventually her face.

“Every day, I noticed baby steps,” Elanna says. He now looked at her instead of the corner and didn’t tuck his tail anymore. She felt it was time to attempt petting him. She sat next to him for a long time then slowly and gently touched his back leg, knowing it was a long way from his mouth.

After a slow process that involved gentle touching and massage, Hayden tolerated being petted, so Elanna made the decision to take him home to begin socializing him with her dogs. She has a large fenced backyard where they all love to play together, but Hayden likes spending time on the couch too. He has a long way to go before he will be ready to go up for adoption, but that is her ultimate goal

“I love Hayden with all my heart,” she says, “but I learned a long time ago ... it’s not my job to keep them. It’s only my job to give them the very best start at a new life.”

If you have any questions about one day adopting Hayden or any of the other animals she has rescued, you can call her at (618) 859-4191. There is an application process, reference check and home inspection prior to adoption.
Photos courtesy of Elanna Bradley


Little Alena was running the streets scared of everyone. When I first tried to catch her, she would not even let me get out of my vehicle without running. I tried throwing her treats, and as hungry as I knew she was, she was still too afraid to go after the food.

After a few attempts I went for the treat that never fails...hamburgers! I bought 6 fast food hamburgers, and tried again. This time I saw her resting on the side of a hill, I quietly went around the other side, and tossed a hamburger to her.

She had not seen me yet, but quickly found the burger. I sat quietly atop the hill, and tossed a few more pieces her way. When she saw me, she started to run, but the yummy burgers made her stay. I tossed pieces to her getting her closer and closer, and then she was eating out of my hand. I gently reached around, and scooped her up. I took her to the kennels, and within a week, she looked so much better, and was now coming to me. 

Alena went to a rescue group near Chicago, and within 3 days was adopted by an older couple with no children or other pets. She is now being spoiled with daily hugs and kisses, a warm home and a full tummy. I am so happy for my little Alena!

This is Alena after she had been at the kennel for a week.

This was Alena the day she was adopted into her forever home!



 Cody is a coy dog, part lab, and part coyote. He ran the streets for many months. After numerous tries, I was finally able to catch him. He was scared to death of everyone, and everything. He had been shot in the leg, and had internal and external parasites.

When no one claimed Cody, I adopted him myself. I took him home, and by the end of the day, he would come to me. Cody was having a ball with our other dogs, and he just seemed SO happy. I took him to the vet, and with a lot of medicine, all his problems healed, except one, Cody is incontinent, when he walks, he drops feces.

 I took him to a specialist in St. Louis who took x-rays, and explained that Cody had also been shot in his back right side. There was a big piece of shot still in him, and bone fragments everywhere. It had severed his spine, and his tail. I asked the Doctor, how was Cody walking, and he said he shouldn’t be. I was told he would always be incontinent, and that because there is always going to be some leakage, insects would eat him up if left outside. I either had to put him down, or take off his tail, put him in diapers and keep him in the house. I knew because of our busy schedules it would be very unrealistic to even attempt giving him the care he would need, but how do you make the decision to put down such an amazing dog, who in every way is perfect, except he just happens to drop feces now and then, and did I mention, the little guy has totally stolen my heart!

It is so obvious he had never been shown affection, and now all he wants is for you to love him. I cried for days, knowing I would send out to everyone my request for someone to take him and give him all the love and care I couldn’t, but knowing in my heart, it probably wouldn’t happen. As I prepared myself for what I was about to face, a miracle happened, with the name of Carol. I talked to her about what was happening, and she said I’ll take him; I have one in diapers already, what’s two. Cody will soon be going to her house, and I know he will have the life he so deserves, and until recently has never had. God bless you Carol, for having such a beautiful heart. You are my hero.
 CINDY (Cinderella)

This little girl showed up with her two puppies. She was so dirty I had to take her to the vet to give her a bath. It took five scrubbings, and a pair of scissors, but what a difference! She was a beautiful dog, except all her top teeth were falling out. You could pull them out with your fingers, and the infection was horrible.

This lucky girl was transported to Wisconsin, to a shelter that has a vet. She is going to get her teeth taken care of, and will be adopted out. What a great new beginning.  

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